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Video Switch

VAS8A Automatic 8-Channel Switcher (with Audio)
Video gain0.8Vpp to 1.6Vpp
Video bandwidth20MHz, 3dB
Crosstalk> 50dB
Auto Dwell Time1 to 15 sec
Video Input8 x BNC Sockets 1.0Vpp, 75 ohms
Audio Input8 x RCA Sockets
Video Output2 x BNC Socket 1.0Vpp, 75 ohms
Audio Output2 x RCA Sockets
Power Supply12Vdc 300mA (Not Included)
Dimensions212 x 218 x 45mm
Technical Information >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
This video switcher has the facility to connect up to eight video cameras with microphones The unit will automatically sequence from one to the next. Every camera position has an LED to indicate to the operator which image is on the monitor. The user can select a dwell time of between 1 and 15sec. between each camera image. Unused channels can be bypassed without changing the sequence or the dwell time The automatic sequence can be interrupted or bypassed at any time by the manual selection of one particular camera. Suitable power supply 460-140 is available for this switcher unit.
VAS8A Automatic 8-Channel Switcher (Rear)
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661-905VAS8A Automatic 8-Channel Switcher (with Audio)74.99 


TVDA-408 Video Distributor
Video Input4 x BNC Sockets 1.0Vpp, 75 ohms
Video Output8 BNC Sockets 1.0Vpp, 75 ohms
Power Supply230V 50Hz 4.5VA
Dimensions225 x 45 x 115mm
Technical Information >Download the Handbook for full specifications and applications
A 4-Channel Video Distributor, any of the four inputs can be assignment as desired to one or all the outputs via DIP switches on the rear panel.
TVDA-408 Video Distributor (Rear)
Order Code Each 
TVDA-4084-Channel Video Distributor54.51

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