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Ribbon Cable

High quality 0.1" grey ribbon cable with a red strip marking the leading edge. This cable is suitable for use with all of our IDC and  'D' connectors. It is ideal for making inter connecting leads between printed circuit board's to hard drives, CD-ROMs etc. UL AWM Style 2651. 30AWG. Supplied on 100ft (30.48m) reels.
Grey Ribbon Cable

Order Code

No of Cores


Capacitance Inductance Impedance Size
059-110 10 7/0.127mm 40pF/m 1.45mh 100Ω 12.7mm
059-114 14 7/0.127mm 40pF/m 1.45mh 100Ω 17.8mm
059-116 16 7/0.127mm 40pF/m 1.45mh 100Ω 20.3mm
059-120 20 7/0.127mm 40pF/m 1.45mh 100Ω 25.4mm
059-126 26 7/0.127mm 40pF/m 1.45mh 100Ω 33.0mm
059-134 34 7/0.127mm 40pF/m 1.45mh 100Ω 43.2mm
059-140 40 7/0.127mm 40pF/m 1.45mh 100Ω 50.8mm
059-150 50 7/0.127mm 40pF/m 1.45mh 100Ω 63.5mm
Order Code   ft  
059-110 10 Way Ribbon Cable - Grey 0.25  
059-114 14 Way Ribbon Cable - Grey 0.30  
059-116 16 Way Ribbon Cable - Grey 0.35  
059-120 20 Way Ribbon Cable - Grey 0.46  
059-126 26 Way Ribbon Cable - Grey 0.50  
059-134 34 Way Ribbon Cable - Grey 0.60  
059-140 40 Way Ribbon Cable - Grey 0.70  
059-150 50 Way Ribbon Cable - Grey 0.90  


A 4-Core cable specially constructed for use with our range flexible LED Tape/Strip. The conductors are laid out in the same format as RGB LED tape. (Reel length 25m)
RGB Cable for LED Tape

Order Code


Cross Sectional


Maximum Voltage

Maximum Current


Weight (Reel)

059-104 CHLWIRE 0.33mm˛ 50V 6.0A 1.6 x 6.5mm 550g
Order Code   Metre  
059-104 4-Way Ribbon Cable - Red, Blue, Green, Black 1.96  


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