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ECA Linear IC EquivalentsLin-disk is a database and equivalents table for operational amplifiers, analogue switches, voltage comparators, linear voltage stabilizers, integrated fixed voltage regulators, adjustable and two-pole voltage regulators and Multiplexer. The powerful search engine permits interrogating the data base not only according to type, furthermore it's also possible to select components by the manufacturer, the case, the pin assignment and the voltage
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ISBN 3881090754lin-disk - Linear IC Equivalents CD29.88


Opto-disk 2003 Database and equivalents table for optical radiation transmitters (LEDs, IREDs, LED symbol displays, Laser Diodes, LED bars and arrays), radiation receivers (photodiodes and -transistors, Photo resistance, photo ICs, photo elements, solar cells and pyrodetectors), optocouplers having various input and output elements (photodiodes,  transistors and -darlingtons, digital ICs, amplifiers, photo FETs, SCRs and photo resistance), photo relays, photo interrupters, reflective sensors (photo reflective sensors) and adapted pairs of optical transmitters and receivers.ECA Opto Electronics Equivalents
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ISBN 3881090762opto-disk - Opto Electronics Equivalents CD30.36


It contains the data sheets of more than 90.000 different diodes and thyristors. We are proud to present one of the extensive data base about diodes and thyristors. Get all information and data at a glance. In the data sheet window, you will find all maximum ratings and stated characteristics like voltage, currents, power dissipation, temperature, circuit time, frequency, capacitance, replacement types, pinout, manufacturers, case outline drawings and much more.ECA Diode, Thyrstor & Triac Reference
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ISBN 3937469265ddv-disk - Diode, Thyrstor & Triac Reference CD31.16


ECA Memory ICs Data ReferenceThe memory data base covers more than 50,000 different memories, like dRAM, sRAM, EPROM, EEPROM, FIFO and vRAM, with all necessary ratings and characteristics, pin-outs, truth tables, case outline drawings and manufacturers with address. The program permits searching according to "type", "family", and "type numbers". It's also possible to do a "selective search" witch means specific searching through the function and the typical characteristics of the components in the database. The result of the search will be stored in a "Selection Database". Up to five "selection databases" with different search criteria are permitted. This makes it easy to draw a comparison between the components
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ISBN 3881090711mem-disk 2000 - Memory ICs Data Reference CD (ISBN 3937469080)14.97


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