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Signal Diodes

1N4148 Diode
A range of small signal diodes for general purpose applications. Axial lead germanium, silicon epitaxial and silicon schottky types.




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1N914Si Epitaxial100V75mADO-35Fast Logic
1N4148Si Epitaxial100V150mADO-35Fast Logic
BAT41SI Schottky100V100mADO-35General Purpose
BAT42SI Schottky30V200mADO-35General Purpose
BAT46SI Schottky100V150mADO-35General Purpose
BAT85SI Schottky30V200mADO-35High Speed
BAV21Si Epitaxial250V250mADO-35Switching
BAW62Si Epitaxial75V100mADO-35High Speed


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1N914Si Epitaxial0.050.03470.01540.0123
1N4148Si Epitaxial0.030.0210.00810.0076
BAT41SI Schottky0.120.08640.0720.0760
BAT42SI Schottky0.070.05460.03640.0328
BAT46SI Schottky0.120.0980.07840.0588
BAT85SI Schottky0.100.07830.05220.047
BAV21Si Epitaxial0.070.0420.02520.0168
BAW62Si Epitaxial0.080.060.0360.024

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