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Plastic Film Capacitors

Axial Lead (MKT)

Audio Grade Capacitor

Capacitance Range

1.0F to 68F



Working Voltage

250V dc

Operating Temperature Range

-25C to 85C

Body Colour




Axial lead MKT film Audio Grade capacitors suitable for use in high end loudspeaker crossover networks.
Order Code 110+  
850-1051.0F 250V (30.0mm)0.740.52  
850-1551.5F 250V (30.0mm)0.700.56  
850-2252.2F 250V (30.0mm)0.940.752  
850-3353.3F 250V (30.0mm)1.080.864  
850-4754.7F 250V (30.0mm)1.561.3608  
850-6856.8F 250V (37.5mm)2.031.7685  
850-10610F 250V (37.5mm)2.201.76  
850-15615F 250V (37.5mm)3.522.816  
850-22622F 250V (42.5mm)5.034.667  
850-33633F 250V (42.5mm)7.316.786  
850-47647F 250V (52.5mm)8.417.713  
850-68668F 250V (52.5mm)13.6210.22

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