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Genuine ARduino BOARDS



Arduino Mega2560 Rev3




Arduino Leonardo with headers









 Ethernet with PoE + USB2 SERIAL
 Ethernet Shield Rev3 with PoE Module
 Leonardo with headers
 Leonardo without headers
 Mega2560 Rev3
 Micro without Headers
 UNO Rev3
 USB 2 Serial Converter
 USB/Serial Converter with Headers
 YN Mini
 GSM Shield with integrated antenna
 Mega Sensor Shield V.2
 Motor Shield Rev3
 Proto Shield Rev3 (PCB)
 Proto Wireless Shield
 Proto Wireless SD Shield
 Sensor Shield V.2
 USB Host Shield
 Wifi Shield with antenna connector
 WiFi Shield with integrated antenna
 Starter Kit (UNO)
 LED (Red 5mm)

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