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Velleman Allbot VR002 Basic Sensor Set

Velleman VR002 Sound Sensor

Velleman VR002 Light Sensors

Velleman VR003 Temperature Sensors

Specification Features:

  • Temperature (VR002T):
    • Ranges: 3 ranges - selectable with switch (-32°/0°C), (0°/32°C), (32°/64°C)
    • Output: 0 to 3.3 V
    • Power supply: 5 Vdc
  • 2 x Light (VR002L):
    • Ranges: 3 ranges - selectable with switch
    • output: 0 to 3.3 V
    • Power supply: 5 Vdc
  • Sound (VR002S):
    • Sensitivity: adjustable with trimmer
    • output: 0 to 3 V
    • Power supply: 5 Vdc

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The ALLBOT® is a modular robot system with Arduino® compatible robot shields. Expand and upgrade your Vellelam Allbot with this sensor set. Comprises One Temperature sensor, Two Light Sensors and One Sound board.

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