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Christmas Gift Set No1

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Christmas 2019 Gift Set. Offer end 20/12/19
Treat yourself or someone you know to this amazing offer. Save up to 30% when purchasing this package.
Contents include:
A 48W Temperature Controlled Soldering Station & Solder
Pair of Micro Side Cutters
Standard De-soldering Pump
Velleman MK155 Mini Kit

In Detail:
167-528  EP5 is a 48W temperature controlled soldering station with ceramic heating element. Adjustable temperature range from 150 - 450ÂșC. The adjustment is made by means of two push switches, temperature displayed on a liquid crystal display. Supplied with sponge and integral stand.

170-132 Lead free resin core solder, 1.0mm diameter in either a 50g reel.

260-105 Blue Spot Micro side cutters manufactured from steel, hardened and tempered cutting edge. Non bevelled cutting edge make these ideal for close cropping of component legs on circuit boards.

172-010 This is our most popular de-solder tool, used by many Schools and Colleges. A good quality, low cost aluminium de-soldering tool for the fast and efficient removal of excess solder. Features a heat resistant silicone nozzle.

MK155 Amaze your friends: wave the wand to make the message appear, the message seems to float on the air, Lots of built-in messages + enter your own 7-character message.