W Audio DMIX 12-Channel Mixer

W Audio
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The DMIX12FX mixing console offer versatility, audio quality and reliable performance from the minimal chassis size.
With the microphone preamps including phantom power as an option. Balanced line inputs and a powerful effects section. The mixing console is equipped for live and studio applications. Owing to state-of-the-art circuitry your DMIX 12FX console produces a warm, analogue sound that is unrivalled. The microphone channels feature high-end preamps that compare well with costly outboard preamps in terms of sound quality and dynamics and boast the following features.

  • 130 dB dynamic range for an incredible amount of headroom
  • Wide bandwidth ranging from below 10 Hz to over 20 KHz for crystal-clear audio reproduction
  • Low-noise and distortion-free circuitry guarantees natural and transparent signal reproduction
  • Perfectly matched to every conceivable microphone with up to 60 dB gain and +48 volt phantom power supply

The equalisers used are based on the legendary circuitry of high-end consoles designed in Britain, which are renowned throughout the world for their warm and musical sound. Even with extreme gain settings these equalisers ensure outstanding audio quality. Additionally, your DMIX12FX mixing console has an effect processor with 24-bit A/D converters included, which give your 100 presets producing reverb, delay and modulation effects plus numerous multi-effects in excellent audio quality.

Microphone Input XLR Sockets
Line Input ¼" Jack Sockets
Line Level Output ¼" Jack Sockets Ω
Control Room Output ¼" Jack Sockets
Headphone Output ¼" Jack Sockets Socket 100Ω
Frequency Response 15Hz - 20kHz
Channel Equalizer ±15dB @/80Hz
  ±15dB @/12kHz
Power Supply 230Vac (Adapter Supplied)
Dimensions 55 x 265 x 240mm