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Monacor LA-40 loop amplifier uses constant current technology with volume compressor for operating inductive loop hearing systems. These allows users of hearing aids with a T-coil or inductive receivers to receive audio signals. The LA-40 loop amplifier is supplied with 35m of loop wire, scart adaptor and PSU. The LA-40 loop amplifier can be connected directly to the Scart socket of a TV or to an audio system. By installing ECM300LA boundary microphone (optional). Conversation with other occupants of the room can also be heard. The LA-40 is also equipped with a headphone output socket and integrated alarm can be externally activated to provide audible indication of door bell, smoke alarm or burglar alarm. This loop amplifier is ideal for personal use in the home or could be installed in a guest house, hotel, hospital or rest home. We stock four different colours of loop wire, available with 1.0, 1.5 and 2.5mm² cross sectional area.

Monacor Active Loop Amplifier

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