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Cebek I-86 module is a very accurate temperature controller with digital read out and relay control. Thanks to a micro-controller the I-86 thermostat can control temperatures between -20º and 100ºC. The module has two temperature settings. One for when the relay makes contact the other for when the relay disconnects the load. Thus the thermostat can maintain a temperature between these two values. The operation and temperature adjustment is made with 2 push buttons. Probe and front panel are included.
LED Display 4-Digit 0.5"
Temperature Range -20 to 120ºC
Hysteresis 0.5º
Relay 5A
Consumption 270mA
Power Supply 12VDC
Dimensions 80 x 60 x 23mm

Cebek Temperature Controller -20 to 120º Module

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