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Occasionally we have products to clear from our range. The main reason why this may happen is suppliers discontinue production of a product or we can obtain a similar product from another supply at a more competitive price. All items are sold on a first come first served basis, and are not covered by normal warranty conditions.


TXS-220 Series VHF Receiver Module
Frequency Response50Hz - 15kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio>90dB
IMG Stage Line TXS-220... series receiver modules for use in TXS-242HD rack. These VHF diversity RF modules have controls for volume and squelch with a 10-step LED audio level indicator and a A -B diversity reception LED. The power to each module is via an edge connector which locates in to the receiver case.
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TXS-220MDRadio Microphone Receiver 175.00MHz49.6115.00


ECM-310W Condenser Instrument Microphone

Frequency Response30Hz - 17kHz
Max SPL120db
ConnectionMini XLR Plug
Cable Length3.0m
Power Supply1.5 - 9V
IMG Stage Line ECM-310W Electret Microphone for the pick up of wind instruments. The supercardoid microphone cartridge is mounted on a 80mm gooseneck fitted with a clamp. This microphone is also supplied with a phantom power adapter.

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ECM-310WIMG Stage Line Condenser Instrument Microphone42.5515.00

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